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Smart Home CONNECT

Perfect usability and unlimited third-part integration. Free software and no-code configuration.
Wide abilities in compact shape. Modern, secure and technological.

Your Smart Home CONNECT


is your modern, secure and technological



intelligent hotel solutions

About Smart Hotel
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The easiest lighting control in your CONNECT Smart Space for any events.

Led RGB, RGBW, WW strips, dimmable lighting, DMX, DALI, 0-10V standards.

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Safety & Security

Protect your home from thieves, fire, water and gas leakages. Keep calm about your building when you go out or on vacation.

And yeah! All your data is guarantee private.

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Temperature, humidity, CO2 control for every room.

Heaters, AC systems, ventilation, recuperators, blinds can be controlled by CONNECT, to keep your home comfortable and cozy.

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Audio multiroom

Listen to your favorite music in each room via Apple AirPlay directly with your smartphone.

Different music zones, used separately or together for different mood.

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Comfort & Additional

Electricity control, lighting, heating, shading, irrigation, access, music and much more work perfectly together.

Just enjoy your CONNECT Smart Space..

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Our software features

Only one software is required to configure the Smart Home CONNECT system: the CONNECT Configurator. This application is not only free but also cross-platform, supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Works even without Internet

All critical data and automation algorithms are stored on the local main controller. Cloud is used only for remote security connection from App via mobile network.

Be sure than your CONNECT automation system is secure, fast and reliable.

Free cross-platform Configurator

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Free Mobile Apps

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Unlimited integrations

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Node-RED on board

Plug & Play

Our hardware features

Our extensive long-term experience in automation empowers us to design smart devices that are not only compact and technologically advanced but also highly usable for installers.

Y1 Smart Controller

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W4 LED Dimmer

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DT1 Dimmer (TRIAC)

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R1 Relay

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Compact & technological

DIN-rail mounting

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How to connect?

Node-RED on board, connect even more smart home devices to your Smart Home,
configure your own Smart Home Apps for Android and iOS with our Node-RED nodes

Smart Home CONNECT
Rethinking Smart Home System

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