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About examples

Here are the automation examples and use cases of CONNECT Smart Home.

You can easily try this examples in your own project. For that make the FAST IMPORT to your project.

👌 Integration of third party

CONNECT is the widely scalable system which allows to connect not only our own peripheral blocks but a lot of third-part devices and services.

CONNECT Smart home integrations


Examples of those integrations will be added in this Examples section of the CONNECT Docs website.

🔗 Integration CONNECT into third party

CONNECT devices can be integrated into any third party systems whitch have the possibilities to communicate with our devices via API.

Supported interfaces to communicate with our devices: RS485, Ethernet, WiFi.


Full APIs for each CONNECT device are described in 🔌 API for integration into third-party systems paragraph in Products section of the CONNECT Docs website.

💻 Software to work with CONNECT

Free and cross-platform:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

Only one software you need for configuring your CONNECT Smart Home is CONNECT Configurator. You can download its last version by this link.

App CONNECT Smart home

The kernel of our CONNECT Smart Home algorithm engine is Node-RED. It is event-driven, low-code, user-friendly visual programming and it's easy to understand both for IT specialists and for electricians.


Our free apps and free WEB Interface are automatically synchronized with the system you are configuring.

App CONNECT Smart home

And yes, our software is free for integrators and it also hasn't any simulated limitations like the count of projects, users, rooms, devices and other limits.