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Introducing CONNECT

Let's discover CONNECT Smart Home.

📃 What is CONNECT

CONNECT is the professional automation system which builds on the main controller Y1 and different peripheral devices (actuators and sensors) like:

  • Dimmers DT1
  • LED drivers W4
  • Interfaces RS485, DMX
  • Analog and digital inputs DI4, DI4 OC
  • Relays R1, R8
  • Environment sensors
  • Security sensors
  • Wall switches and pannels

...and other blocks, devices and functional units.

CONNECT Smart home devices

👌 Advantages of CONNECT

CONNECT is the widely scalable system which allows to connect not only our own peripheral blocks but a lot of third-part devices and services.

CONNECT Smart home integrations

It's a new approach in home automation was born on a peak of IoT evolution, and it allows to unite different devices and services from different vendors with different interfaces and APIs in the single automation system.

💻 Software

Our software is based on Node-RED. It is event-driven, low-code, user-friendly visual programming and it's easy to understand both for IT specialists and for electricians.

Our free apps and free WEB Interfase are automatically synchronized with the system you are configuring.


By the way you can download apps from Google Play or App Store and also try our demo WEB UI.

App CONNECT Smart home

And yes, our soft is free for integrators and it also hasn't any simulated limitations like the count of projects, users, rooms, devices and other limits.


Download CONNECT Configurator

🛡️ Why CONNECT is secure, fast and reliable

The next feature of CONNECT automation system is no clouds. All critical data and automation algorithms are stored on the local main controller.

Cloud is used only for remote encrypted security connections, for example from smartphone via mobile network.

So you can be sure that your CONNECT Smart Home system is secure, fast and reliable, and sudden Internet link loss will not be a problem.

🧠 Rethinking Smart Home is our slogan

We always improve our system, make it more usability, more compact, more technological. It's possible only through communication with our users and we really grateful for your feedbacks.

Together we are building a new mindset in the home automation field.


Be our integrator. Join to CONNECT Smart home!