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🔌Integration via RS485 interface

To integrate any CONNECT smart blocks into Loxone system via RS485 interface:

  1. Plug in USB between your PC and the CONNECT smart block CONNECT to Loxone

  2. Launch CONNECT Configurator app on your PC


You can download last version of CONNECT Configurator by this link

  1. Select your CONNECT smart device in the list of found devices CONNECT to Loxone

  2. Set the YoctoBUS setting to Off CONNECT to Loxone

  3. Set needed Bus address and Bus speed CONNECT to Loxone


Address should be the unique for each RS485 device on the bus. However the Bus speed should be the same.

  1. Set Baudrate the same like in your RS485 settings of Loxone RS485 Extention CONNECT to Loxone

  2. Disconnect USB and connect Loxone RS485 Extension with CONNECT smart block via RS485

  3. In the Loxone Config add new sensor or actuator (depends of type of the CONNECT block you integrating) in RS485 Extention section CONNECT to Loxone CONNECT to Loxone CONNECT to Loxone CONNECT to Loxone

  4. Write ON and OFF comands in your Loxone project for each channel of CONNECT block


Full API and RS485 comands are represented in API sections for every CONNECT smart block

  1. That's all. Set any automation logic in your Loxone project using added CONNECT RS485 devices

💻 Integration via LAN